Traveling with a bridal gown for destination weddings can be really intimidating!
Here are a few tips:

 1. Turn the gown inside out for transport so dirty hands do not get your gown dirty if any inspections from TSA is needed.

2. Carry the bag through TSA and inform them it is a wedding dress and they will treat it properly.

3. Before boarding, ask the attendant at the desk if they can hang your gown in the closet to avoid folding it in an overhead bin.

4. If they are unable to put your gown in the closet of the plane, you may fold it in the overhead bin carefully. Avoid folding the bodice and waist area of the gown since they typically have boning in all of the seams. Make sure any folds occur below the boning, and do not set things on top of your gown.

5. It is normal for wrinkles to set in your gown after traveling, especially since the gown has be stored inside out. Be sure to ask your seamstress the best method to remove wrinkles when you arrive to your destination. Some hotels offer pressing/steaming as a service you can even take advantage of if desired.

6. Send pictures to Bridal Elegance of the big day. We LOVE to see pictures of our brides in their gowns!

We are here to help, so please call or email us if you have any questions about transporting your Bridal Elegance Gown.

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Bridal Elegance
By Jamie